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The Tanzanian King of RnB and multiple award-winner Ben Pol brings us new love ballad “Moyo Mashine”.

Moyo Mashine means Heart Machine in Swahili and the new track’s lyrics can best be summed up by the expression that “the heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of”. In other words it’s always difficult for someone to articulate why they fell in love in the first place.

Although Ben Pol is equally at ease and well known as a singer and as a song writer he partnered on this project with Lollipop who penned the lyrics. The track was produced in Dar es Salaam by Lollipop, Nusder & Kidbway and the video shot in the beautiful desert of South Africa.

In all its simplicity the desert serves as a showcase for the couple’s love and devotion to each other as well as a metaphor for the purity of their feelings.

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