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Dehokhan Mp3 Song Download

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Composition – Odd Signature

Vocal – Ahasan Tanvir Pial
Second/ Back vocal – Moontasir Rakib
Guitar ( Plucking and Rhythm ) – Arnam Amitab
Guitar ( Solo and Riff ) – Ektedar Sakin
Drums – Akib Ahmed
Bass – Tahmid Rayan Onindo

Mixed,Mastered and Recorded by – Sajid Sadat Khan at Sj Studio ( )

Artwork done by – Afraime Sayed
Animation done by – Prethul Bhattacharjee ( )

Special Thanks to – Tanzin Rahman, Zarin Sadaf Borno, Muntasir Mannan Jisan, Tanjim Saiyara Totini, Saadman Sakib Onindo, Prethul Bhattacharjee and Afraime Sayed.

[ Note : We don't support any suicidal thought. The lyrics is Fictional and used for the song purpose only.]

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