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Ruger Songs List

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Manah spit fire to da mic from day one
Me I no stress, after me bed rest into da kitchen make bread and bacon
Camera man get the motherfucking tape on
Manah look good, manah look fresh, with da pink hair, eye patch no motherfucking shades on

The all a demma sanitize before they come near me
Nothing fit stop me
Redbull gimme wings to the sky
Ruger is da lockdown, Ruger is da pandemic (tell all hip ah dem again)
(Can u hear me now)

Violation when me step into your hood
Me or the rest, you choose
Manah cork ready, manah co co come through
Nothing you fit do
Violation when me step into your hood
Me or the rest, you choose
Manah born ready, you know say manah born ready.

All hip ah them demma hating
And stressing themselves on me
While am busy creating
The hits them singing to when them bathing
It’s crazy none ah them can debate me
Raging fire
Demma put me down me I no let
Put all me enemies in da bonnet
So me bundle
And flush them inna water closet


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