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Gyal why are you hotter erara wow

Verse1 :
You make feel like Teri mulala
Mu cinema zenali ndabye gwe anyumya
Sikikukweeka sikikukweeka
Guno omukwano gwenina gugwo
Kano akayimba kenyimbye kako
Sikikukweeka sikikukweeka (awuuu!)

Munda munda baby unadunda
Gukuba nnyo like a banger
Omutima nawe eno gugunda
Gukuba nnyo like a banger

Chorus: ×2
Bukya nga nakuffuna baby lemmi settle (ooh)
Baby lemmi settle (ooh)
Baby lemmi set up

Verse 2:
Ombunya obuffofofo
Now make your body go straight to the floor
Sikikukweeka sikikukweeka
You're blazing girl I'm burning now
Ab'oluganda bangambye yeggwe angwanira
Sikikukweeka sikikukweeka


When your looking for your baby
it's alright alright (aaaaa)
Call my name
Sili wala am not far ×2


Written by Andre
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