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I been dreaming I slipped man I been dreaming I fall
I been dreaming I tripped every time that I call
I been dreaming of money I been dreaming of cars,
I been dreaming of dream girls that only date stars.
I been dreaming these dreams since my beginning of living
I been dreaming of winning, Jackpot full of millions,
I been dreaming in day time they say that I'm tired,
I been dreaming like real life has finally expired.
I been dreaming of pit fulls of fools in fire.
I been dreaming of pitbulls, and wolves and tigers.
What's that mean I wondered? I been dreaming of snakes.
Ain't even seen the jungle. But I dreamed I was an ape.
I dreamed I was a king. I dreamed I was a great.
I dreamed I was on time. I dreamed that you would wait.
I dreamed I saw the sunrise on top of a lake.
I dreamed til' I saw a gun rise in front of my face. BOW!

How you n****z feel about a villain now?
When it's in your building now? When it is yo children, now!
I been in the breeze, Mr. Freeze, I been chilling out
Mama hit her knees in the streets when they wheeled em' out
Figured out...
Life ain't all a dream, Nice ain't all it seems,
Wife ain't always Queen, Price on all these things
They threw rice, now wife threw wedding ring.
Ego Bruised put Ice on everything.
He went to school had a problem wit' some dudes,
took his shoes, now he moves wit' a knife by any means
Cars passing, Broadway, where broads casting,
Politiccin' all night like Larry King.
Who these little niggaz think they is, we just really kids,
sippin' lean, only dream now of killing things.
Mood as fuck, lose ya luck, tryna fool wit' us.
We was young bucks but those buck shots grew us up.
Knew it's tough but diamonds is shinin' through the rough.
Come off the ground so polished like my shoes was buffed,
Drop gems like Adam Sandler, every jewel uncut.
Every day's a play, Every move is up.
They say nothin' comes to a sleeper but a dream,
Boy, I had to the cut the strings, it wasn't the toughest thing,
Cuz I'll never be no puppet for the green, come into the scene,
like fuck it, I'm a king, what you mean, n***a!?

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