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Youtube Mp3 Mp4

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How to add audio spectrum?

You must have seen some fantastic audio spectrums or audio waves. These in fact, can be automatically created by many programs, as long as they can detect the rhythm and beats of an audio. For example, a lot of players can do that. Like if we play the song with Windows Media Player, you can right click on the interface. Then in Visualizations, you can choose one from lots of animated spectrum styles for your music. Isn’t that simple?

And next step, just open filmora and choose Record PC Screen, and simply record the entire audio spectrum animation. That’s it!

When you finish recording, the video will be automatically imported in filmora media library. And all you need to do is to drag the file to timeline, cut a little bit, a fancy audio spectrum video is there! Don’t forget to select MP4 format in export settings!

Alright, hope you learn how to convert MP3 to MP4 in two ways. Go ahead and try it on your music with filmora. If you haven’t had it yet, visit and download your free trial! Thanks for watching and remember to subscribe for more interesting tips.

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